Thursday, July 17, 2008

oooo those FUGLY carpets

What on earth were these people thinking. These are the most disgusting, dirty and ugly carpets ever! The previous occupants also had a little dog that peed over every square foot of these nasty things too. It didn't bode well with my pooches--they've been scratching like crazy after sitting on the carpets! If you click on the pics you get a close up!

What I did discover in the back bedroom....original carpeting from the 20's--see the pic it's the one with squares. Underneath the ancient carpeting was horsehair padding! It looks like there was a cut out for a toilet or something too--a round hole was filled in with modern carpet pad and behind the wall there is an out of commission toilet vent stack. A toilet in the bedroom?

I pulled the carpets up and used an exacto knife to cut the carpet into 4' wide strips so I could roll it up and put it in contractor strength trash bags. There weren't any carpet tack strips in this bedroom, they had just nailed and stapled to the floor. I used a small crow bar to get the nails out and a small screwdriver, putty knife and pliers to get the staples out. Just gently nudge the staples up with the screwdriver (put the putty knife under the screw driver so you don't gouge the floor). Then, once they are up pull the staples up and out with the pliers.

The floors were in excellent shape. I had them sanded and refinished with a natural oil and buffed. Naurlix from Sebastapol knocked these two rooms out in 2 days! I called on a tuesday, met them on Wednesday. They had a cancellation and started on Thursday, finished Friday and I moved in on Saturday. Hows that for timing! Since we went with oil, there was no drying time after the final buff. And no nasty VOC oder. The house smelled like a christmas tree since they'd sanded the pine floors. They told me the wood darkens with age. After sanding and finishing they turned out much lighter-- not uniform in color but attractive. Very nice indeed!

Note--I don't have any pics of the finished floors up yet...forgot to take them!


dirtgirl said...

Your floors are rad and I love you!

Amalie said...

I thought those looked like pine! I looooove the color variations in ours. They have such a high heart content and that red color is so gorgeous.

Glad you went with a more natural finish. We did shellac, as we think they were originally done, but put water based shellac on top instead of wax. That's the part I think I'm regretting. Oil is so forgiving, poly is not-- I dropped some frozen meat in the kitchen the other day and it dented the floor!

Live and learn, I guess.