Thursday, July 24, 2008

carpet + flour = one big mess & hidden surprises

The floors part II
While I was away at work, the dogs found the bag of flour I had left in the kitchen...They dragged it into the main room and made quite a mess. They actually licked it into the carpet and it made a dough like swamp. So it was motivation to get finish getting the carpets up. Believe it or not the dogs actually finished off the flour with a six pack of Hansens soda! I found that chewed up in the back yard.

The floor weren't in as pristine condition as the bedrooms...but they did have some surprises. From the stain patterns, you can see where there were built ins and possibly where they had laid their original carpets. I wonder if that is a commonality in old houses--only to stain the exposed flooring.

The carpet tack strips were really hard to get up on this round. Once again using a putty knife to get under the strip to pry it up really worked well and didn't gouge the floors.

I'm waiting to get a master plan for the great room before getting these refinished. There is a large square of carpet left where there used to be floor heater. It is stapled to a piece of plywood and is currently the access to under the house. Oh how I wish they had kept the original flooring pieces--not sure how we are going to patch that up with matching boards. For now, I'm protecting the floor with area rugs.


Amalie said...

I really wanted to patch our floor furnace spaces with hardwood, but we have antique heart pine-- it's expensive and we didn't know what we were doing. Instead, I decided to buy pretty antique heater grates and put those in the floor. Our crawl space is really hard to get into, so it's nice to have the inside access.

However, in full disclosure, I'm still on the hunt for grates that are the right size and price. The old ugly ones will do for now.

What I wouldn't give for the previous owners to have left a ton of that kind of stuff.

dogma said...


I tried to find out how to email you back luck.

I thought of grates too. I did find this resource maybe it will be helpful for you too. They sent me a catalog and there are many different syles and sizes of grates

good luck and Your blog is great!

Amalie said...

Blogger can be funny that way! Luckily, I checked the button to be notified of resposes, so it's all good.

I looked at that company, but my grates are too big for most modern places, or the size makes custom ones prohibitively expensive. I check ebay periodically for antiques. At this point, I don't even notice the old ones. I'll likely paint them black to tide me over.

Not to mention I love watching the cats navigate around them!

Thanks-- and I'm looking forward to watching your blog as it moves along!!