Friday, October 17, 2008

just bought a fireplace fireplace wins the gas stove/fireplace debate! I just bought a new fireplace today from On Fire in Santa is getting cold and I cannot wait for it to be installed. I went with the Fireplace xtrordinaire ss 564 and here are the doors I picked out.

I hired a guy from Fireplace transformations. He is going to demo the fake brick, the real brick on the floor, remove the non working gas stove and frame the fireplace.

I am keeping the existing vent opening, but he is going to move the fireplace over so that it is centered in that part of the room. The master plan is to rebuild the colummades that separate the dining and living room and then have built ins on each side of the fireplace.

I cant decide on exactly what tiles I want yet. So, I went with the doors that gave me the flexibility to tile around when I am ready. The other faceplates required that the tile was done first and I can't make up my mind before it gets really cold.

I'm looking for unique tiles. I did find a cool site ( that has some pine trees....since I live on pine street, thought that might be fun. . Still looking around.

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