Friday, August 1, 2008

grrrr ..the building inspector always rings twice

warning....I am annoyed very annoyed right now!

I just got home from work and there is this nice note from the building inspector saying he's sorry he missed me. It's about an addition that was done in 2004....4 years before I moved in. The permit expires in 13 days and needs a final inspection. I am praying to the building gods that they did this thing right and nothing needs to be done.

Isn't an unfinished permit supposed to be disclosed by the previous owners? So, I'm going to make a call, schedule the appointment and find out just how good their builder was.

Chalk another one up to the grey area of disclosure. It's just like how our heating stove mysteriously quit working the day we move in. The previous owners swear it worked before and that when they had their heating guy look at it that it was as simple as getting a new thermostat. Too bad the paperwork for that visit wasn't in the kitchen drawer like they said it was. It's nearly impossible to prove the owners didn't fully disclose, but when it starts adding wish you paid a heck of a lot less for this "quaint, rustic, fixer-upper" and you start wondering about the integrity of the people you just did business with. At least I know my real estate agent is a rock star and she's had our best interest at heart and is totally honest.

Funny thing about this room, it is a 10x10 (measured on the inside) addition to the back bedroom. It was listed as a "storage area". The addition makes no sense whatsoever and I will be steaming like those tea kettles in cartoons if we have to throw any money at this. The room has the best light in the house and would be such a waste to use it as "storage" or even a closet. and honestly, I don't want my office next to my bed or a messy crafty room close to my sleeping area either. Cement slab, no grade to street makes a bathroom in this room really expensive and not practical. But it is a strange room indeed--its only access is through the master bedroom. Not big enough really to do much in. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it.

I'll know more in the manana.


Amalie said...

That stinks. Hopefully you'll have a nice inspector-- they're rare, but they're out there.

We had a HUGE fight with the city over our electrical, so even though we had a lovely HVAC inspector since then, I will forever hold a grudge against them. And we haven't even had our final yet!

One of the bad things about buying a HUD repo? You take it "as is" so there's no negotiating. The good thing about a HUD repo? You take it "as is" so you already expect everything to be wrong!

dogma said...

Good luck with that electric final! It's the paperwork that gets ya in the end. This was an "as is" purchase too. It's just a matter of time before you discover something new.

I just got off the phone with my realtor and while she was looking into this permit thing, she found out that the title had been transferred back to the original owners 6 days after it had been titled to us. No problemo except our title company went out of business THIS week! Eventually, I am sure it will get straight.

It's kinda funny though. Chalk another one up to Murphy.

Amalie said...

We had the electrical final-- it's the building final we still need...

It's funny that you mention good old Murphy-- my co-workers suggested I change my middle name to that after the hail storm.